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Puttitout has mentioned he's pretty burnt out. There are constant attacks on the site, lots of users that talk shit, and while he believes in free speech - some users on the site take it to such extremes that I think it's made him second guess things.

He's still there in the background as I understand it. But the constant fight he has to put up with is just draining.

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I can certainly understand that. I have thought about packing it up a few times recently. I came here for discussion without filtration. What it's become (since reddit dumped it's trash here) is shit talking without substance. It may as well be alt-raddle at the moment.

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Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to counter the substance-less shit talking? I wonder whether one approach might be to encourage more use of images, sources and links.

I also think it is not fair to Puttitout. I do wonder about how to support him. I have tried encouraging more healthy discussion and life, especially in /v/programming, especially now that I have gotten settled into my new job.

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I wish he would put ads in the sidebar or something so he could afford to hire someone to help. It can't be easy doing this on his own.

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This is the most recent recent repo I could find.