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It just blocks the persons comments, unfortunately. I could ignore all the JIDF here on Voat if that were the case, but instead a good alternative is to just block entire subs. It's a feature that Voat has over Reddit that I cannot live without.

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I wish it did I don't think it does. I block all the porn shit on this site it's questionable and I can find my own shit. I'm just here for the funnies and real world discussions.

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No, the user block button does not currently prevent posts from appearing. You might find this helpful: https://voat.co/v/Voat/2730897/13937305

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Lol, you cant dictate whose opinions or content I can or can't watch.

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inb4 muh censoring

it is called self-moderation. I want to get most out of my 20 pages of v/all.

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I also want to avoid CP/Lolii shit

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So long it hasnt happened.