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Invidious is a really cool platform and it’s written in Crystal a very fast but easy language, they’re both worth checking out.

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streamable.com and streamja.com also allow you to mirror short clips, also maybe mirror ninja and vidlii.com , bitchute and real.video seem to have got lots of traffic after the recent facebook/youtube bans, others mirror at peertube.video or dailymotion.

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Isn't streamable removing content?

E: Claim based on: https://voat.co/v/funny/2615445 - sort by new

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Can't say I've heard of Crystal before, still relatively noob when it comes to coding outside of lua. Might have to check it out some time indeed :)

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It’s basically ruby syntax, some things can be ported without changing a single line. Compiled down to byte code it’s as fast as C