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Yes, something is wrong.

Our thumbnail proxy server appears to have been flooded with inbound traffic starting about ~12 hours ago.

The delay with posting is because the proxy server request is timing out.

Trying to get a quick fix up now but don't have much time.

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Thanks for the prompt confirmation!

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it's more important that you're aware and communicated :)

site still operates well enough for now

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PROXY= # Put ip address there

ping -c 1 -t 5 $PROXY > /dev/null
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
     echo "Subject: Proxy server issue" | sendmail -v $EMAIL

It's rudimentary, but quick host monitor. Put it in cron and run every hour.

0 */1 * * * /opt/monitor_proxy_script.sh

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Now I'm getting DDOS spammed at my private email address. :)

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Not such a useful suggesting; a proxy server will be making HTTP requests, whether you can ping it is largely irrelevant.

Besides if the server really is struggling you'll want more useful metrics; you want to have a HTTP-health end-point and you want to poll it, handling timeouts, backoff, and flap-detection.

The worst thing you need is an email every minute saying "Yup, still fucked". Instead you want an email "Response time degraded 5%", "Response time degraded 10%", "Timeout", then every 30 minutes "Yup, still fucked". Or better yet "99% percentile returning to normal".

Sure you can code up a simple script invoking curl, but it's not enough for real monitoring. (For example you want to do tests "externally", running curl against localhost is 99% of the time a mistake; doesn't catch DNS errors, doesn't handle DoS attacks, doesn't test the same experience a user would have.)

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Hey look at that an actual suggestion!

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You so fancy.

ping -c 1 -t 5 $PROXY > /dev/null  &&  echo "Subject: Proxy server issue" | sendmail -v $EMAIL 

ttl of 5, that proxy server better not have many hops.

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I put the blame squarely where it belongs: on the wife

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Yeah it's a thing right now - PuttItOut has been updated on the thumbs not showing and I'll message him on the Title Suggestion being wonky too (...edit to add: and he beat me to adding a comment too, LOL)

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XD By less than 1 minute!! This should shut the Poal whiners up!

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The title suggestion is fixed. I guess I can wait till next week before thumbs are shown again - after everyone has had a chance to enjoy the weekend.

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you guys are the reason voat works. thank you for all your efforts and personal time spent on keeping this site running.

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@Puttitout it's actually pretty nice, I would love a "disable thumbnails" account preference.

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SURPRISE! We implemented that feature a while ago. It's called "Display Thumbnails" at the bottom of User Preference section.

Hope it still works

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Oh nice, thanks!

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I think someone has suggested this feature before, where an user could have nsfw turned on without worrying about the thumbnails.

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See Putt's reply and check your profile. This has been a feature for a while.

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The enemy will always try to disrupt and target the spirit of free speech. It's a never ending battle when you make it apparent you won't capitulate to their demands.

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Looks fixed woot !

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Never go there, but you've reminded me I need to unsub from their email.

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Just posted a test link; only took a second or two, has a thumbnail after posting, and title suggest worked. Seems Putt has handled this, at least for now. RESOLVED?

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Yes yes, use your magic wand to flair this submission as RESOLVED please...

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Voat is full of people contradicting their user names.

I don't even bag a putter these days; any putt is a gimmie gimmie. ;)

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