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It definitely used to be removed due to a certain goat who abused the system in the past. Probably got lost in the port.

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Some context on possible ways to farm votes: https://voat.co/v/ProtectVoat/2648864/13396612. Thanks!

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Neither positive nor negative ccp should be retained after a comment is deleted. Why keep the negative ccp and not the positive?

To punish people?

You aren't the voat police.

We have an asian spam army on here that not long ago was mass downvoating regular users into the negatives for calling out their spamming bullshit. What remedy do you suggest in place of deleting mass downvoated comments?

It took dozens of users vigilantly upvoating the abused goats every day to save their accounts.

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Ah, right. I remember Mumbleberry getting downvoted by these same pajeets.

Imaginary positive internet points should be removed from deleted content since removing that content removed good content from the site, making the site less valuable (in theory at least, not necessarily in practice, but still).

Negative points should be kept to discourage spammers. If it was up to me, I would monitor the downvoters, if someone uses it as a disagree button then take away their downvote rights. Generally only spammers should be downvoted.

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I just use 20 burner accounts all at once

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To keep spamming shit nobody wants to hear.

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Why keep negative and not positive? Some sort of nigger affirmative action?

This was to combat ccp farming. People would farm ccp, delete the comments with the evidence, ccp remained.

By removing ccp when deleting positive comments, this removed an avenue for farmers and made them easier to detect since thier ruse could not be deleted and obscured lest they lose the points they farmed

It was a good deterrent and I hope it comes back soon

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That's my guess. :/

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CCP was definitely removed when comments were deleted before.

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This seems to have reverted back to old settings, perhaps during the Port. I think Putt knows about it, but it's unclear whether this was intended. The setting was initially changed to disallowed CCP hoarding in this way for this very reason. BUG.