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(never with any evidence, mind you)

That's how these people operate. Everyone knows this. Just ignore them; they cry out as they strike you.

Other than being rightfully annoyed by their weak attempts at dividing your structure and creating drama, I'm not sure what it is you are asking here. What do you think needs to be changed or done on Voat's end about any of this?

Keep up the great works you folks do every day, and don't like fools such as these distract you. If the pizzagate community thinks things are flowing smoothly, then all is well, no?

EDIT: What I mean is, your submission title is based around the abuse of the upvote / comment / view counter bug, but your text body just goes on about people like freshmeat making unsubstantiated claims per usual. Where does the bug exploit come in? As far as the bug itself goes, it is KNOWN and will be resolved whenever Putt gets the chance.


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Just wanted to make sure you guys know what a big difference communicating about fixing the bugs makes to the folks in our sub, many of whom are child sex abuse survivors. The stakes are high for them, and the troll harassment difficult. I apologize if this post was inappropriate.