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I haven't been able to stay away from the preview site since it opened -- I've been missing out on real-Voat stuff because of it. I'm re-submitting some of the bugs I've already reported on (bugs that are still active, I see you've already addressed many of them) using your link. Please tell me if I'm not doing the format properly. As for this:

I need one or two volunteers to help verify bug reports, provide more details if needed, and flair posts concerning the preview site. If you have some time and an interest in helping keep this process organized for us, please let me know.

Since I'm there anyway I'll help if you'd like, if I can.

EDIT: Also Putt I've reached my "hourly quota" for submissions to v/voatdev. Fuzzy just put all the bugs she knew about in one submission, which gets around this issue. I can do this as well but I'm not sure if you want them separated individually or not.