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I've worked in .NET for years. I am self employed, so I don't do Agile BS, and won't know a lot of modern terms used by factory programmers, but I am willing to help in any way that I can.

I love vote for it's free speech commitment and will do whatever I can to keep it around.

I work in Mono on Linux and am familiar will several versions of the .Net libraries.

Put me to work!


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I would LOVE a hand. There is a lot of history to this project but more eyes the better. This new port code will be the base for all the enterprise features we will start working on including distribution, scaling, and searching/sorting frameworks.

Anyways this code base is using Core 2 and all the latest features (although this is a port from MVC 5 so we have brought forward a bit of technical debt mostly in the view code).

Here is the repo, everything you need to get started should be there and unit tests should all work. Just configure and rename the ~appsettings.json files and unit tests should work.

Here is the repo (This is the Core branch):

If you have time hit me up when you have it working locally and I can PM you areas we need to look into.


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I work with web forms far more frequently than MVC, but I learn fast. I'll work on getting it running locally first and I'll touch base when thats done.