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I don't know any of that technical stuff or I would help. I'm just happy there is a dedicated group doing it. Thank you @puttitout and the rest of you magnificent bastards. Godspeed!

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Did you just assume his gender, REEEEEEEEEEE

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they are r/ shitredditsays criminal paid shills.

you've been duped into a honeypot.

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Test on you crazy faggots

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Y'all are making Voat great again.

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I had noticed

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I would love to help out in any way possible.

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Isn't testing all 3 setup combinations going to end up taking way much longer?

If at the end you are going to use only one setup, why not focus all the effort on testing and stabilizing only the setup that will save the most money in licenses. That one being: Linux OS / PostgreSQL.

By the way... awesome work. You guys are making this happen really fast.

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Maybe spending more money on Windows licenses is the way to go. /s

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.NET and M$ cloud was a terrible choice

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I'd love to help, so I'm basically just submitting and commenting and reporting any bugs? This community means alot to me. (Btw I've been requesting /v/letsnotmeet as it seems to be abandoned and I want to help this place grow

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I haven't been able to stay away from the preview site since it opened -- I've been missing out on real-Voat stuff because of it. I'm re-submitting some of the bugs I've already reported on (bugs that are still active, I see you've already addressed many of them) using your link. Please tell me if I'm not doing the format properly. As for this:

I need one or two volunteers to help verify bug reports, provide more details if needed, and flair posts concerning the preview site. If you have some time and an interest in helping keep this process organized for us, please let me know.

Since I'm there anyway I'll help if you'd like, if I can.

EDIT: Also Putt I've reached my "hourly quota" for submissions to v/voatdev. Fuzzy just put all the bugs she knew about in one submission, which gets around this issue. I can do this as well but I'm not sure if you want them separated individually or not.

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What exactly does it mean to test for bugs? I'd love to help. Please let me know what I can do. @PuttItOut

How do you exactly sign up? What happens to the account here? Does this mean I would need to create a whole new Voat account through the preview site link? A little confused. Please help...... I'm very motivated to help...... firm believer in this!

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Does this mean I would need to create a whole new Voat account through the preview site link?

Yep and any bugs post back here if they aren't posted already

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Got it. I think. I'll check it out

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Oh, well...shit. I guess that explains why I couldn't sign in or recover my "lost" password. I was starting to make myself paranoid after trying several disposable and/or secure email addresses to recover my password (which I did not forget).

Err...feeling pretty stupid now :(

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I've worked in .NET for years. I am self employed, so I don't do Agile BS, and won't know a lot of modern terms used by factory programmers, but I am willing to help in any way that I can.

I love vote for it's free speech commitment and will do whatever I can to keep it around.

I work in Mono on Linux and am familiar will several versions of the .Net libraries.

Put me to work!

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I would LOVE a hand. There is a lot of history to this project but more eyes the better. This new port code will be the base for all the enterprise features we will start working on including distribution, scaling, and searching/sorting frameworks.

Anyways this code base is using Core 2 and all the latest features (although this is a port from MVC 5 so we have brought forward a bit of technical debt mostly in the view code).

Here is the repo, everything you need to get started should be there and unit tests should all work. Just configure and rename the ~appsettings.json files and unit tests should work.

Here is the repo (This is the Core branch): https://github.com/voat/voat

If you have time hit me up when you have it working locally and I can PM you areas we need to look into.

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I work with web forms far more frequently than MVC, but I learn fast. I'll work on getting it running locally first and I'll touch base when thats done.

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