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Be Jews.

Be commanded to destroy Edom.

Concoct elaborate multidecades long plan to exterminate white race.

Send mongoloid invasion army to Northern Europe to rape and force breed new low IQ, easily controllable subhuman hybrid slave race for glorious Communist New World Order.

Glorious success. Create new hybrid slave race in Snowy North.

Winter comes.

Mongoloid hybrid low IQ slaves now too stupid and lazy to survive in cold with large population.

Most die.

Only the smartest, strongest, hardest working, and lightest skinned slaves survive.

Slaves hate being slaves to Jews.

Slaves remember their forefathers were retarded subhuman who came from Africa and hated Jews.

Slaves ask, what do?

Slaves think, "Gas the kikes?"

Jews panic.

Moral of this story:

You can take the Swedes out of the Nordic, but you can't take the Nordic out of the North. Eventually, the conditions that caused the Swedes to become Nordic will always return to whatever group survives living there and they are going to come hunting the Jews who oppressed and enslaved them.

The other option is to not oppress nor enslave them.


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Sweden is Islam, so no. Such a shame. I heard 30 years ago it was a nice place.


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https://tweetsave.com/henrythered503/status/808118299410255873 :

GAB.ai/HenrytheRed on Twitter: "#diversity #immigration #librals #whitegenocide #europeanidentity #mudshark #sweden t.co/6P5BP0pwoq"

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