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I always find it creepy as hell when people use kids to push their politics.


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I agree, incredibly creepy, they're usually just parroting what they've heard anyway and don't fully understand the situation. Keep children out of your political indoctrination and just let them be kids. The best part of childhood is that there is nothing to give a crap about.


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Politicians and the media keep repeating this thoroughly disproven lie over and over and over. It's no wonder the general public believes it. This isn't accidental misinformation either, it's purposeful because it suits their political and social agendas.


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It is just used to perpetuate the whole "women and minorities are oppressed people who need the government to step in and improve their lives" motif. The more you hear something the more you believe it...up until a certain point when you start to realize that it's not true.


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Shill/spam account? This OP is tyk17. User tyk18 posted the same video in another sub.