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Vidoe game characters aren't real people. This is nonsense.


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Like all SJW's she's made a career out of discrediting people for their artistic styles and views.


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I'm pretty sure most SJWs are useless people with no particular skills, talents, or self-discipline. For most of them it's a dream beyond reach to be paid to be a vapid bitch that does nothing but spout lies.

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She's not even the SJW.

She's a convenient avatar for the real SJW because Jonathan McIntosh knows he can make more money from it if his puppet is female.


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Accept everyone for who they are or what they do, except everyone who is not in the same clique as me.


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What's nonsense is that she scammed people out of thousands upon thousands of dollars based on the promise she would literally use that money to buy videogames and play them for the sake of honestly critiquing them- and she didn't! AT ALL. NOT A SINGLE ONE. I watched her shit videos for the sake of honestly critiquing her, and she doesn't know shit all about the games she supposedly played.

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