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How is this not common sense? So the Aussie female socer team are asking for the same as the men? If they sell as many tickets, get as much for TV rights, sure.

I used to find female UFC really shitty, when it was on PPV I'd often go get something to eat, until Rousey, now she is the main event and she earned it.

That reporter has no fucking clue about Rousey, her comments on do nothing bitches should have given her a clue.

I ran a trading desk for a large Investment Bank when I was still working, we had some female traders that were awesome and some were shitty and I had to fire, it was all about their numbers as it should be.

If there are any feminists reading this, I will tell you something that happened in my career, a competing firm had a trader that was black, he wasn't very good, lost a lot of money and got fired, he then tried to make it about race and sue his ex-employer. The result of this was managers would just avoid hiring black people, it was not a policy handed down on high but a personal reaction as no one wants to deal with the possibility of those kind of false accusations if you need to let a poor performer go.

The dude that sued claimed he was fighting for justice against racism and it came out the guy's ability and numbers meant he was given far more chances than a white person would have been, he lost that case.

If females start the same thing, expect the same reaction, look at that awful Pao woman, it became very clear how incompetent she was by how she handled Reddit and no wonder she was fired from her old job. Using sexism as a racket to extort ex-employers is a bad long term strategy, of course we all know it's not about equality but using their sex to assert superiority and a shield to use to stop people from criticizing them for it.


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I agree completely, people don't realize that employers have to think of these things. Pao's words towards the valiant struggle against the patriarchy are just empty words, employers don't care beyond fear of being the firm that gets sued because of the privilege some people have towards media attention-getting.


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I agree completely, people don't realize that employers have to think of these things.

Exactly and it is lacking this wider perspective from this new feminist stuff that is going to backfire. An employee needs to be an asset, if there is a chance they are going to instead be a liability, it does certainly factor in to things, they will label this as the patriarchy but in actual reality it is genuine fear of having to deal with this behavior, not some old boys club trying to keep women out.

So then what we get is people try to implement quotas and then a business loses a huge competitive edge as they must hire people not on their ability but factors not related to it at all, those with actual ability but the wrong sexy or race can get excluded. That is the opposite of equality.

It comes down to what Bill Burr said in a video that was posted the other day: be undeniable. Rousey is the perfect example, Dana White didn't even want women in the UFC at one point, she is now his top paid fighter simply because she is undeniable.

I've seen some feminists take issue with STEM type fields and the lack of women, the obvious answer then is to take computer science and not women studies, write the best code, be the most creative, take a leaf from Rousey's book and be undeniable.

My wife was an options trader, she traded on the floor using open outcry for a large part of her career, some idiot men would often underestimate her and she used to just love taking their money. She saw many men come in to the pit, think they were hotshots and she was still there when a lot of them failed, lost their seat and left.


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Equal opportunities for hire, equal opportunities for pay, MUST require equal opportunities for termination.

Note the key word. Opportunity. Those little gems are what you, and only you, make of them. Squander those gems of opportunity and the only one to blame is yourself.

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How is this not common sense?

well, feminism would delete itself if it applied common sense


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What the fuck I married the wrong woman just kidding babe