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While I can spot a lot of faults in Trump, his ego driven attitude plus his mannerisms just point to a great deal of narcissism, hence I will never vote for him.

However I think this analysis is really correct, I see no fault in it.

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I understand your point, Trump is very skilled at promotion. I can see this but I do not he is intelligent enough to manage a country, the complexity and the nuance escapes him, he offers simplistic and populist solutions to what are highly complex problems; he is just saying what people want to hear.

I was a manager for many years, I was successful and made my company a lot of money, one the the traits I see in all good managers is they ponder and research things, they are also very aware of their own weaknesses and gaps in their knowledge. Trump is not the kind to consult anyone, like Bush he will be "the decider" and lacking his own knowledge he will both make many wrong choices and also be wide open to being given bad information from someone else's agenda. Bush was a puppet of Cheney and the office of Special Plans for in this regard for example.

Right now I don't see anyone I would vote for, I do understand the appeal of Trump but I feel right now that he will be very bad for this nation, perhaps this will change, we will see what the coming months bring.

Thank you for the nice reply also, sometimes things get heated and you explained that eloquently and factually. Faith in humanity restored.


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Seriously. It's not a poise competition at a little girl's finishing school, it's a fucking presidential election.