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That doesn't excuse this behaviour.

If being stressed is what pushes you over the edge and do things like this in a situation where you're not in immediate danger, you were already in a bad spot on the spectrum from savage to decent human being.

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If I run for a country that is sub-utopian to me, I dont start shit because I know they are way more advanced (thats why I am going in the first place) and dont have to take up with my bullshit, they just tolerate me.


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Its pretty easy to judge others for their behaviour sitting in an air conditioned home with all the luxuries living in the west can afford you.

Have you gone a day without a meal?

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What are you an apologist? They want the same air conditioned home and all the luxuries and to live in the west too, they just want it handed to them when they show up. Maybe you worked for the things you have like I did, and I am not for some "wow you made physically here, have it all for free" bullshit. If these are decent working people, why dont they stay and make their corner of the world better? Try to have the same air conditioned home and all the luxuries and to live where they are from? Are you seriously advocating for the mass migration of ignorance? You think these are not masses of ignorant people? Showing up in western countries, with no ability to speak a language and work and make a fair wage? yet they are going to desire, want and expect all the same things as native workers of the that country. This is a bad dangerous situation. I feel that you are just as bad as a blatant racist.