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We would like to make /u/stoic a mod here.


First off, is it just me or are the same users being modded in all the big subverses? Secondly, hes been tainted by the /v/askvoat drama and will attract even more drama here because Im sure hes got enemies/not fans from what happened in /v/askvoat.

Give someone new a chance, dont keep modding the same 15-20 people in all the big subverses. Dont mod someone with a history of drama. Nothing against the guy but damn does this site need some new faces.

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Remember that whole thing with reddit? Yeah that's why like 80% of the people are on this site. Why leave reddit if you don't have a problem with the same 20 mods and filters on discussion.



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No. He got butt-hurt and said he's quitting voat (and going back to reddit) over people shitting on him for running an upvoat-brigading sub. Why mod someone who would ditch voat entirely over something like that?



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fuck that old reddit cancer. fuck stoic. he got called out and went butthurt AMA on reddit crying about what amounts to absolutely nothing. fuck him.


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Maybe I don't see what the big deal is but I think political videos are fine. No one is forcing anyone to open and watch them anyway so why give a shit? It's as simple as hiding the link or scrolling past it. I'm open to hearing opposing views since clearly I don't see what the fuss is.


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Ya, it looks like that's the direction we will be going. I just didn't want to rush as we had not heard from as many users as I would have liked.


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This is something stoic wrote on Reddit recently.

Right now I would seriously consider putting a literal ban on stupidity which would remove coontown, niggers and a whole lot more. While this would drive away 90% of the current users, Voat is currently suffering a brain drain at the expense of racism and bigotry that in the end would make Voat unsustainable in multiple ways anyway. If Voat gets promoted as being a platform for intelligent and open discussion, then a lot of Redditors will flock to it for reasons similar to mine. Even though it wasn't promoted as such when I got there, it was the potential of Voat to become that that made me become active there. I would also write a constitution that would allow apolitical upvote brigading subs (/v/disagreebutton) to exist and limit the power of moderators in the rules they can set for a subverse. The racist thing has been very recent though and I'd wait a little to see how the community deals with it and if they can deal with it before removing those subs.


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Indeed, this guy is not the friendly "light touch" person that the mods of this place think he is. If they mod him, I predict they're going to have to clean up his mess sooner or later when he creates it.



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No to /u/stoic , he seems toxic. I'm in Voat. I don't care what happens with Reddit beyond morbid curiosity of where its headed. But he seems to think its some kind of war. We just need a mod for the verse. Not some crusader against other sites.

Why not put political videos in here? I click on this verse because I'm looking for endless videos to waste my time watching. I skip what doesnt interest me.


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Fuck sake.


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Please don't make @stoic a mod.

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