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If you live in the suburbs, you'll think this is true. Work one day in the hood and you will realize that black Americans are some of the most casually, blatant racists in America. It's sad.


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Racist because they don't understand the reasons for the racism. They just see a behavior they don't like, and attribute it to the entire race.

Just like every other racist.

Literally, that's racism. Not liking something, and attributing that to the entire race.

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Is it racism when I can't fucking understand people from nepal? Haven't met a single one that I can understand. Not sure if its racism, but they confuse me, speak terrible English, and measure things with pieces of string, electrical cord and pointer to thumbs.
What is it called when your personal experience gives you a perception of a people? I'm assuming the way to work sentences in Nepal is very different and makes it a very hard transition. That and I've probably not met any second generation yet.


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Bigotry is the more apt word here but who wants to be quibble?


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black people are genetically more prone to committing crime


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If I had a dollar for every time one of my coworkers at Domino's said something racists about their own race, then said something like "except us" I'd be rich.

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Growing up in a lot of various areas around the U.S. I had experienced a little racism here and there from this or that random person. It wasn't until I moved to East Cleveland for six months that I really experienced it on a whole other level where it would be more accurate to assume everyone was racist towards me as opposed to the opposite. It was a really terrible thing to experience and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.


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I have been living in 'the hood' for the past 7 years. Its baffling how casual it is. How quick these people can be to pull the race card, while simultaneously being completely racist or having had instigated a situation. I have seen people instigate, then pivot and claim the race card and being discriminated against. I have seen countless infantile fits of rage and the race cared pulled when they dont have the money to pay for goods they want at the grocery store.
I am white and I have been screamed at and called "nigga" at the same time I am being accused of being racist for simply being white while grocery shopping. Most of my interactions are good. But there is a frightening level of ignorance out there. And one thing that confuses me is why the black community doesn't call these ignorant elements out, put them in their place. Its the shame of the community, yet it is ignored.