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Wow, pulling back the curtain on some indoctrination right here.

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I disagree, I think this guy is using superficial knowledge and flamboyant pageantry to defend his incorrect idea.


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explain the saturn moon full of methane , were there dinosaurs there too? ;)

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There's a documentary called "The Uncertainty Has Settled" which is a movie that tries to do an impartial investigation of the current climate change claims. At the end the movie the reporter travels to Sweden and interviews a Russian physicist. The physicist proceeds to explain why hydrocarbons are not of fossil origins, and that in fact all oil is regenerated by the earth on a continuous basis.

It's a pretty good movie overall, worth watching, but this part towards the end is one to remember.

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The Uncertainty Has Settled (Full film) - YouTube


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Otherwise known as "Welcome to the Description of your Enslavement Goy".

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Abiotic oil. The Russkies called it years ago. Man this shit is fascinating. Makes me wonder if there really use to be free energy from the ether that they've since buried.

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Everything is energy.

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Well sure, but most of the time it's not easily harnessed and directed for specific purposes.

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if there really use to be free energy from the ether

We get energy from the ether right now; think wind turbines and hydroelectric dams. It's just that no one has found a way, that we know of, to extract that energy absent some form of kinetic input.

That might sound confusing since most people think that in the above two examples there's a direct conversion of "energy" from the air or water into electricity. But you can't plug your computer into a running stream. Nothing is lost or taken or converted from air or water, it's only used to turn a flywheel and generate electricity (pull energy from) the ether.

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In physics Ether is a very specific definition and what OP is referring to. There is strong evidence that is what Tesla discovered and used as electricity.

If you go into alternative history there is strong evidence we used ether to power lights and heat homes for a long time as well. This technology has been either destroyed or intentionally hidden since then

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Modern day science does not posit the existence of an ether.

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That's how vaseline was created. Some dirty asshole working on an oil rig had a cut, got some shit on it, didn't shower for a week, then noticed the half that had shit was healed.

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As someone who worked oil rigs, you may have a point. I was covered in grease day in and day out and got some nasty cuts but they never got infected and ultimately always healed.

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I have since changed majors, but I was studying petroleum engineering. This guy knows very little of geology, and attacks geologists claiming them to be bought off or some such nonsense. At 03:15 he argued no fossils have been found below 16000 ft and therefore us pulling oil from below that negates it being a fossil fuel. I don't argue or care if it is true no fossils have been found below 16000', because oil isn't a fossil, it is organic material that has gone through fossilization along with many other trans-formative processes.

There is material that was once at the surface of the earth that has been buried far deeper than man has ever dug; And even material that has cycled from top to bottom, more than once. The class I had to take covered the geological tools and information needed to hunt for oil. The tools and information Oil Companies actually use to hunt for oil. Geologists get paid well at those companies, they aren't paying this guys to sit around with their thumbs up their ass pretending to look for oil to further a narrative. It's retarded to even think that. Exploratory Drilling is expensive as fuck.

To whoever is looking at this video and feeling skeptical about what we know of the origin of oil, I would suggest looking into some basic geology before cracking open "Sedimentology and Stratigraphy" 2nd edition by Gary Nichols. Focus on Chapters 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15 an 20. Read through that and it will explain in great detail the process that would bring organic material all the way down to extreme depths changing to oil. It's a very specific set of multiple circumstances that make oil. One environmental factor change could be the difference of having high grade oil dome, having gooey shale, or having coal.

Also, dinosaurs mean dick all to oil, oil comes from plant matter, and organic sea life.

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If we were taught that oil comes from dinosaurs, how can you be so sure that what you're being taught now is factual?

Geology is a highly speculative 'science' that uses hypothetical relativity.

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Implying you're still inside that schoolprogram called system?

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Yes, I am. But if you think all colleges are the same or that STEM is anything like the social science field of faggotry, you're wrong. 2+2 still equals 4 here, because fucking up on a calculation means someone dies, not just getting their feelings hurt.

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Who is that?

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Hemp was banned because of big oil. The first ford engine ran on hemp oil. Besides that, rope, paper, lumber and etc would be viable from an ecological stand point. Hemp grows fast and easily.

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hemp also generates more pulp then trees, but allowing a plant that could feed the receptors of your endocannabinoid system to be widely available, could be troublesome.

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Really great video, thank you.

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So oil is fake and gay?

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Not gay

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