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Of course women are more privileged. Western society goes out of its way to provide women special treatment at every single turn, both in terms of laws and social conventions.

"Ladies first"

we've all heard that a million times growing up have we not? The old chivalrous "white knight" code when it comes to protecting women as special snowflakes persists today.

You're either equals or you're fragile flowers that need protection. Pick one.

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Yep, it screams "beta male"


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I read that as 'ladies first shit' and thought it got rather dirty rather fast!


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It's because you haven't saved enough maids on the internet.

I've heard the 100th offers you free sex


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Treating women the same way you treat men is the sure fire way to get laid. Don't treat them like they're a different species.

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that's such an interesting perception on that. i don't know why i never broke it down as such. i'd like to discuss this but i'm too stoned. so, well said.


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Marxism has always been opposed to this bourgeois feminism, and that's exactly what these sorts of identity/privilege politics are: bourgeois. They're distractions from actual class problems and disparities.

This fact is especially glaring when you realize that these "feminists" are almost entirely taken up with petty, upper-class issues like gaining access to prestigious, "interesting" jobs or positions and entirely uninterested in actually helping women as a whole. Typically they come from places of comfort or wealth--wealth made possible by the exploitation of other women. The labor of female immigrants in the West and females abroad is ruthlessly exploited, and these women tend to be one of the primary beneficiaries. When it comes to championing the cause of all women, these individuals are all talk. Their hypocrisy is further illustrated by how they seldom advocate doing away with institutions or mechanisms they deem as patriarchal or oppressive, but only to seek to shift the recipient of that oppression from women to men.

This has been a problem all the way back to The First International when these sorts were expelled. Women face alot of problems, but ensuring they "have money" isn't the Marxist solution, it's a capitalist solution--one that has unsurprisingly been detrimental to working class women for decades.


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Thing is, by spewing bullshit constantly these groups do get a lot of support from people who might not know their facts better.

For example, the argument that women earn less than men simply isn't true. If it were, companies would fire all their male employees tomorrow and save a ton of money.


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and I think part of the issue is that a lot of women feel like they're being oppressed if they're not given special treatment. Men have to prove why they get special treatment. But women don't even understand they're getting special treatment in the first place and think they automatically deserve it.


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Damsel in distress.