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Nah just the vote blue no matter what sheep

[–] A9DickFur 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

That's what it is. Most of my family are actually moderately liberal but staunch anti-trump people, they don't care who the fuck is standing there opposite of Trump and the GOP.

[–] PriMerovingian ago 

Yeah, my fam is like that too. Fuck em

[–] ladslassie 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

He has lots of them in our area. Feel-good suburbanites who think the D party is for 'nice' people and 'educated' people. They spew slogans and put signs in their yards to let us know that 'hate has no home here' while denigrating the president and anyone stupid enough to support him. He has a lot of support in the Jewish community, as well as the mainline Christian community. In the latter, it seems driven especially by the women who have dragged their husbands along after decades of politically correct crap. There are lots of people in our community who are still terrified of the virus and have scarcely left the house since March. Scared to live, scared to think, scared to be alone.

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Yup half of the houses in my white neighborhood have biden signs as well as those “in this house we believe in science” (ironic) and the other half probably just say they are apolitical but will vote for trump since any white suburb it’s seen as evil to vote for trump. That’s pretty much all it is really. These middle class whites usually gen x or old gen y just see the blue team as the “good guys” and for “educated people.”

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It's nauseating how spot on this is.

[–] ladslassie 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

For people who stay informed, despite the media, and who really think about the long-term consequences of their vote, this is very frustrating.

[–] Itgetsbetter ago 

How many with Biden Harris lawn signs will actually vote though vs are using it simply as a proactive caution against psycho neighbors?

[–] ladslassie ago 

I think pretty much all of them believe it. Lots of people omit yard signs in order to stay out of the fray, or fly the American flag as a subtle signal in rat-infested areas. We have signs for down-ticket candidates that won't raise the neighbors' hackles quite so much.

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Nobody is planning to vote for Biden. But there's a lot of people who will vote against Trump.

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People never seem interested in ousting the president after his first term. This election seems like some kind of scam at least on the democrat side of things. I don't think they actually want to win and Trump is doing their dirty work.

[–] ScionOfZion ago 

Bush Senior got one term.

[–] AltUserMe ago 

If Biden were to actually win they'd get a lot more than if Trump is re elected. So they're trying. It's hard to tell though because they are out of touch and used to getting away with things that they don't seem able anymore.

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Niggers and spics vote for the democrat no matter what. They don't go to political rallies or any of that shit. They know where the open borders and gibsmedats come from. Niggers don't care about open borders, but the spics want more of their kind coming in.

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Yes, all the people extorting him plus all the NPCs who can't think.

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Is it possible to correlate that with the polls?

Yes. No one cares about Biden, they're voting for or against Trump. The never Trumpers would rather go to a protest than waste their time at a Biden rally.

[–] Merlynn ago 

I find it weird the dems aren't even buying crowds like they usually do. I'm guessing Biden is just set up to take the fall for "democrat corruption" and the real candidate will come up after that. Most likely Harris but Hillary still wants to be queen.

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