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Favorite part was when he pussed out and didn’t punch the confederate chad.

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Probably my least favorite part. Showed the artists liberal bias. Of course it would be a "white supremecist" from Mississipi circa 1975, when in reality it most assuredly would be a nigger.

Almost everything else was spot on and quite profound to me.

I sat in the dentist office this week, and it was like this. I was the only one in waiting room awake and present in the moment. The rest were all buried in their phones and never looked at anyone else. It was creepy. People would walk in and they couldn't pull themselves out to even look up.

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So sad.

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I don't have a problem with reading on a subway commute, but your entire day, everywhere you go shouldn't be treated like a subway ride.

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Besides the 1980's picture (peak literacy and reading on paper ?), it's at most 'some people', not 'everybody'.

In the 1990's picture, those rags apparently read themselves ;).