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niggers were eating bugs. Still do

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And dirt

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and each other

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“Look Goys, Usury was limited, therefore these were obviously Dark Ages...”

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The amount of cooperation and stability to provide the man power and resources for years while this is being built, much less the stored accumulated knowledge of centuries required for something as simple as a bridge, really shows the difference between our cultures.

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It really does.

Meanwhile, if you watched Empire of Dust (the documentary where we get the "it's all so tiresome" meme), the whole thing is about how much trouble he has getting gravel. He talks to a guy on the phone and the guy says "yes, yes, no problem, I have everything you need" but that turns out to be a lie.

And the chinese guy is legitimately confused by that. Why lie? They'll buy whatever you have. If you just tell them "I only have half of what you're asking for" the chinese will say "fine I'll still buy it" then they'll go buy the rest from somewhere else. But because the african lied, and the chinese depended on him, the project suffers.

People say these are cultural differences but I disagree. I think someone with a higher IQ would recognize the damage he's doing to his own reputation by telling a needless lie.

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The chinks know niggers are low iq erectoid subhumans. They don’t even have to play pretend over there, they classify humans as animals and believe evolution happened.

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the whole thing is about how much trouble he has getting gravel.

I needed 2 tons of gravel for a driveway a few months ago. Picked up the phone. Called one place. $100 and two hours later it was delivered on site.

Something is fundamentally wrong with your culture when you can't even produce rocks.

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No wonder those bridges in Africa haven't been rebuilt yet.

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We were building arches 1000 years ago, groids work at the Golden Arches (well a couple of them work) during the present day.

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Work is stretching it. Many of them just show up and complain for 8 hours.

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More than 1000 years. Have you seen the Roman Pantheon?

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=nJgD6gyi0Wk :

Karlův most - Stavba pilíře a klenebního pole ve 14. století - YouTube

Yes, I know invidio.us has shutdown

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