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The absolute state of the UK summed up in less than 10 seconds.

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Most western countries are like this, some worse (America for one).

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I see that you've never visited Canada.

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There are plenty of areas in US cities you can do and find people who have lived in there for decades that don't speak English. I used to work in San Jose, CA for awhile. One of my co-workers was from Taiwan. He had been in the US for 6 years and I could barely understand him, and spent alot of time trying to decipher what he was talking about and explaining things to him in very basic words. I asked how he could function with such a limited understanding of English. He told me the only time he used English was with me at work, he said his local bank had chinese staff, there 3 grocery stores within a mile that had signs in chinese. This was in the 90s, I had to go thru 3 major intersections with lots of stores on each corner before I found stores or restaurants with signs in English. What was funny was he went back to Taiwan for an arranged marriage and brought his new bride back. Her first trip to the US and she spoke perfect English with no accent.

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There was a show on BBC a few years back in east London where they found people who had been in the U.K. 3 generations (ie their grandparents immigrated there) who still couldn’t speak English. There are quite a few parallel societies in Britain these days; can’t think of instance in history where that didn’t end in conflict.

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I’ve written no end of comments about this on various sites. My thesis is that there’s a certain maximum rate of immigration that fits into the carrying capacity of any given area of a country to assimilate people. It’s not just about the immigrant themselves, it’s about all the other resources, including locals to make friends with - and people don’t make an infinite amount of friends, it’s hard work!

Go over that rate and you end up with insular bubbles of culture. If those are 3rd world cultures then you get a subsidized 3rd world bubble.

What do you think that’s gonna look like? If you predict unhygienic living conditions, crime, rape, robbery, murder, drug addictions, etc. then you’re predicting the actual data we have in spades.

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Hamburg Germany I've heard they have 5th generation muzzies that still don't speak German. These cultures are like oil in water and muzzies won't assimilate.

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And now it’s happening to your country thanks to neoliberal capital!

[–] Olivefigs ago 

Ooh do tell shows name

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At least he had to speak English at work. I had dominoes delivered once, and the pajeet couldn’t speak much. I asked him how does he manage to live here, he explained never has to use English because everyone at his branch is pajeet, he lives with pajeets, goes to pajeet markets, etc

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Multiculturalism is really Polyculturalism. Then it becomes Monoculturalism when everyone is atomized enough for the state to start dictating what national identity is.

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We tried asking a cat what it means to be a dog. Fucking hell

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But the cat was born in the kennels and has a dog passport, so it’s a dog, bigot. All pets are exactly the same and they can only be categorised by where they are born

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Covid masks are a soft sharia law launch

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Deport this shit. They have no place in the West. They are only here to destroy.

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This is sad on multiple levels. The first level being that the reporter apparently doesn't know what it means to be British either.

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Wow, I can't believe Lenny Henry's postbox speaks!!

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Thats so fucking sad for then English people to have to have that bullshit forced on them.

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