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Like looking into the exit wound and wondering where the gun is.

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We can see three sides, so it must be on the fourth.

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Sorry I just have never seen this perspective.

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Dont let the dumbfucks downplay your vid. No plane hit a tower that day. All were added in post fact by the media

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This video doesn't make 9-11 an inside job. The nano-thermite and unscathed terrorist passports found at the crime scene, the fact that wtc7 fell 8 hrs later into its' own foot print, the shorts (put options) on involved airlines, NORAD standing down, no engines / aircraft parts at the pentagon, or shanksville, the plans for both Afghanistan invasion and patriot act inked and ready to go, etc etc on and on blah blah. THAT all makes it an inside job. But not this video

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On the other side, and then everywhere in many tiny pieces, dumbass.

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In yo mommas ass

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I heard it was an inside job