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fucken White People.

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The everyone loving progressive life would have st them on fire.

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Luckily only the beginning is in vertical video. There is promotional stuff in the middle of that segment too.

I skipped the beginning when he is talking if you want to see it click this.

[–] AltUserMe ago 

That took nerves of steel not to fuck up

[–] PatrickFullen ago 

This dude rules.

[–] mfquesodindunuffin ago 

I thought we were talking about nigger bucks here for a second.

[–] Brodude101 ago 

Now that's manly

[–] derram ago 

http://yewtu.be/watch?v=Xj_drybhKg8&t=1m48s :

Owen's Blog | Locked Bucks Freed with Chainsaw - YouTube

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