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Carl Zimmer makes an appearance here about halfway through, as an article author. I was reading a book of his called She Has Her Mother's Laugh, a 600 page obfuscation on the history of heredity and genetics. Within the first 10 pages there is a mention of Anti-Semitism and persecution of Jews during the Middle Ages stemming from accusations of "concocted Jewish crimes".

Edit - Found the line:

In the late 1400s, Jews in Spain found themselves defined as a race of their own. For centuries, Jews across Europe had been tormented for all sorts of concocted crimes against Christians.

No further comment.

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I'll comment further.

Modern racial understanding did not emerge until the 19th century (with writers like Nietzsche and politicians like Bismarck). This is when the term anti-Semitism was first invented by Wilhehm Marr, in an attempt to answer the Jewish Question under a modern lens.

Prior to this, the Jewish Quesyion was always considered a religious/ spiritual issue. The Jews were those who rejected / hated / killed Christ and shouted "Let his blood be upon us and our children" as recounted in the Gospels. Middle Ages Christians saw this and understood that anyone whose identity was inseparable from hatred of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Logos of the universe, would unsurprisingly be revolutionaries and subversives. That was the intellectual perspective.

The common man saw that Jews were the ones charging usurt and ruining families and so every once in a while Jewish homes would be burned down, since that's where the records of the debts were.

It had nothing to do with racism, not back then.

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Today it largely has nothing to do with racism. It's still reaction to jewish behavior.

Nothing has changed except the psychology of it all.

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Very good. Oddly calming and alarming at the same time.

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I noticed the name Zimmern and remembered the Bizarre Food show with Andrew Zimmern. He used to be a thief and drug addict and then got famous eating strange foods. I wonder if he got that job from cooking and eating a baby? Just a thought.

Edit: Just looked him up on Wikipedia. Is Punch Neopolitan Pizza have anything to do with pizzagate? Is there symbolism in the logo?

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That kike invented the BLT sammich. Baby lettuce and 🍅.

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Its hard not to hate them, it makes sense why them do their best to censor everything, it even says in the torah to kill any goyim who investigates it so I'm on a hitlist.

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I think that's the talmud.

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Part of the oral tradition of the pharisees.

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strange how often you encounter the same prejudice..., but I think it's just a cohencidence

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good post

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When i show my friends and family things like this after discussing the JQ, they dont know what to say and generally shake head while walking away. The programming is thick.

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You have to make their brains do the work. You don't discuss JQ first. You show them a video like this and ask them to explain it. Make them attempt to create absurdity. Keep asking questions. "If X causes Y as you say, then shouldn't X cause Z as well? Why doesn't it?"

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I like this a lot. In that vein, a good question to ask for race and IQ red pilling that just worked really well for me was:

So you say the persecution of colonialism had a detrimental effect on African IQ, and yet the Haitians and the Ethiopians have been independent for 200 years and forever, respectively, yet have a 45 point IQ deficit vs. the Jews, who've been persecuted nonstop for centuries? Why are those countries near the bottom of the quality of life index?

This made my buddy's face drop immediately hahahahaha. Then he moved on only to get confused and he equated IQ with moral worth and that required another question and answer process. It's a whole ordeal and it feels like therapy with some people. My other buddy literally changed his mind without any hand holding. He simply saw the evidence and behaved like a normal person in response. No menstrual cramps or anything. @BLATBLAT4muhGAT

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Very nice

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