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I seriously doubt it. If they had an active call that the crowd was obstructing them reaching, then they have legal grounds for the hood-nimrod to get tossed.

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Should have made some donuts, not the sugary kind.

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I support this. It should be done more often.

[–] GritD2 ago 

This should be sop. imagine every 5 mins another protester was run over, some killed in the process... do you really believe in what you are protesting?

[–] PriMerovingian ago 

They're going to move to putting tire disables in the road at some point

[–] GritD2 ago  (edited ago)

That shows intent to harm property, so while some people may get hurt, the patriots will be justified in defending themselves.

[–] Jimmycog ago 

Play stupid game get the bug treatment

[–] norse ago 

i needed that laugh.

[–] BulletStopper ago 

I need this with a laugh-track.

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Nah, the jews won't let their enforcers be punished.