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The fact this boomtard took out his phone like a fucking zoom-lenial is beyond me. This is how you get mauled.

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Actually, it's not far off from what you should do. If you freak out and panic, the bear will see you as prey. If you remain calm and hold your ground, it'll see you as threatening and be less likely to attack.

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It was only a yearling, still probably not the best way to deal with one.

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Yea I thought so too, I guess you're right. Still, I think the point would stand. It's like those chinese people who get out of their car in those drive thru zoos and get taken by a lion.

[–] MisterIdealInLead ago  (edited ago)

Thats not a yearling, thats an adult.

[–] FreeinTX ago 

First thought should have been, where's momma?

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Boomers always rely on approved possessions to have approved positions

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Weird instinct to grab a phone.

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"Alexa, order me new underwear"

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I was solo backpacking in the high Sierras and three bears came snuffling through my camp. I only had a lean to. Flashlight and pan smacking against the rocks got rid of them. But I didnt sleep any more that night really.

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...backpacking in the high Sierras. With a little luck I'll be there next summer.

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PCT is closed forever like everything else because a common cold virus is too scary now.

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The weather has made it pretty awesome. Snowfall 2 years back changed the landscape drastically.

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Why in the actual fuck would your first reaction be to pull out your phone and take pictures? How fucking retarded can a person get?

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The bear was just making sure he didn't get sunburn.

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Quick. Get the camera

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Black bears are basically dogs. Even an angry momma will most likely only bluff charge you. Brown bears however...

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Two people in separate incidents were killed in Canada by black bears this summer. Definitely happens.

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