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I haven't watched the video yet but that looks like Guedelon. I've been there. Its amazing. The whole area is dedicated to creating an authentic middle ages environment from tools to food production to pretty much any aspect you can think of. The people who work there are for the most part apprentices in their fields and volunteers through various organizations. If ever you can make your way to France, I strongly recommend spending a day here. It is surreal.

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It's quite amazing what they're doing.

The web series is pretty entertaining as well.

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This video is part of a documentary series where people tried to live in different historical eras. They also did some vids on living on a medieval farm.

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Sounds awesome, but definitely not hitting up France or anywhere else in the eu, except Poland

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I don't blame you man, feels like the middle east more and more every day, though that area is still French for the most part.

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This is REALLY what white people were doing while the niggers were doing, well doing exactly what they do now, NOTHING!

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All of their series' are excellent. We watched Castle and also the Tudor Monastary one, and are now on Edwardian Farm.

None of them could be made today because people of color had no role in any of this history, and women and men had separate tasks.

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I watch this a few years back. Made me feel good about being a white man... Nigger built Europe my ass...

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All the work that goes into that, you know that people have great pride and investment in making it work. Thankfully now we don't have to do this menial labor, and instead can surf Faceberg and Joogle to enrich ourselves all day.

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Ruth Goodman (the hideous, black otter eyed, hooknosed cunt in the white bonnet that practically ruins this great series) is a "british jew"

Hence her little jab at Christ in the second episode.

Just a heads up.

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Now build a skyscraper using modern african technology

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