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Even though he gave this speech in 2012, it is more relevant today than ever before.

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I notice all of his top three most important things in life relies on the empty, toothless hope that no one will ever attempt to deprive you of any of those things, God forbid you be charged with your own self preservation.

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Not to forget he’s also an accomplished driver and the first person to crash a McLaren F1

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He also has a master's in electrical engineering, would've got a PhD too if he didn't leave it to pursue entertainment.

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WHAT? Had to check that out and found this

Top Gear

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Loved how he did his topgear lap in character as Mr Bean. The factory repaired his McLaren after the crash and he sold it not long back for a significant profit.

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Also his daughter is hot.

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Well, they're designed for men, not beans.

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Rowan Atkinson is a man that had a deep impact on my life. His style of comedy was one that was approved by many parents, so I got to watch a lot of it, and he was genuinely funny. More than that, the irony of his real life persona vs. Mr. Bean is pretty great. Atkinson is a very learned, intelligent actor; Mr. Bean is just going through life doing what he can while he lives in his means with a job that he knows is secure. I've enjoyed researching and observing his political views over the past few years; he seems to understand that comedy from yesterday is becoming law today. Even Monty Python had the sketch where a man wanted to become a woman and have babies in written laws. Past comedians become ardent free speech activists, because many of them know that cancel culture is something that can come destroy the foundation of joy and comedy that they built over years in a difficult career in a few weeks.

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Even Monty Python had the sketch...

Who do you think vetted Monty Python to be entertainment for the masses, and who vetted what kind of jokes the audience where allowed to see? The Tavistock Institute was 30 years into social science (officially) when Monty Python became a tool to manipulate audiences. There is no separation between the criminal power structure; their entertainment agenda and those having a function within it.

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I know more people will recognize him as Mr.Bean, but I see him as Edmund Black Adder. Great speech though.

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Even though he gave this speech in 2012, it is more relevant today than ever before.

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Blackadder is right.

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Yes, normies listen to types likes him. He's a comedian, you know...

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