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The guy following him with the camera was way better. He didn't even shake or lose focus while running the same course. It was almost as if he was flying.

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I'm a 40 year old slightly over weight male give me directions. I can do this. Hold my beer.

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I do that everyday when I hear the timer for food go off

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The autistic cheer at the end?

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That wasn't a cheer

That man was violated and his alarm went off

[–] Catfishbelly ago 

Chicken tenders?

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Holy shit. Observing the learning curve for that would be more fun to watch.

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The graphics for this new assassin's creed are amazing.

[–] PygmyGoat ago 

Wait, that wasn’t Minecraft?

[–] european ago 

bit pixilated I thought

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Been doing that since I got here, then the aliens appeared and fucked it all up

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I could do that ez no prpblems

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Sure, but can you type?

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Not very well.

[–] kammmmak ago 

He's on the course, on his phone.

[–] Splooge ago 

Joke’s on you, he actually typed that with his feet on a giant keyboard, traversing each letter with as much grace as he could muster.

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Where is this place?

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It is 'Full Fathom Five' (Seafarers Memorial Sculpture) in Portishead, near Bristol, UK by Michael Dan Archer.

Coordinates: 51.491566, -2.754266

Full video by STORROR: Floor is LAVA Parkour Challenge 🇬🇧

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