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Let me guess: “There is a treatment, it’s called hydroxychloroquine.”

Until a doctor actually says that Cohen-19 is a fake classification and there is no noticeable outbreak of any noticeably new disease this year, it’s just more Woke-Lite controlled opposition garbage.


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The data shows that the virus test is not a unique test (meaning it could be many things), and that the incidence of reported deaths from it is in the same range as chance. Further, look at the total death rate in each country and it has actually gone down (probably because everyone is locked down and not experiencing the daily "dangers" of things like car accidents etc.). Several doctors have stated there has NEVER been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus and the people on the news are telling everyone to do the OPPOSITE of what is healthy for them (like masks and isolation and lack of vitamin-D through sunshine). Even beyond that, the CDC did a reclassification in 2011 of "death by flu" to dramatically increase the numbers (in 2010, less than 500 people were classified as "death by flu" in all of the US and Canada combined). The CDC is a private company (owned by the same people that own banks and media) and have done several campaigns to "sell" more vaccines (which is how they make money) and have been busted with WHO on falsely declaring pandemics to move universal vaccine agenda forward.

The evidence is overwhelming to any critical person that this is a classification hoax. Any cure is just to forceably sell snake-oil to the masses. The scary thing is the eventual snake-oil they want to sell us is for us to be living in pods and isolated neighborhoods waiting for elites to schedule our termination based on the health of our organs and what resources they want us out of the way for them to get to.

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So I believe it is real. What I believe is fake is the doomsday reporting about a flu virus barley deadlier than the normal flu.

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It's not a flu virus, it's a cold virus. They are different. And it's not more deadly than the normal flu, it's less deadly.

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Fucking valley girl accent.

This is a fucking doctor.

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Did you get far enough to listen to her talk about positive energy fields?

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Yes. She does have a very new age approach for a doctor.

However, I've met other doctors who share her views in that regard too

Still her main message is that Hydroxychloroquine works.

So even if her new age ideas seem quirky, it doesn't discount the core message of a safe cure found in a drug deemed safe for nearly 65 years .

However, in my opinion, she should have kept her views on energy fields to herself. She shouldn't have deflected from the point that Hydroxychloroquine is safe to use and is a preventative treatment for Corona.

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Oh fuck, I didn't! I can't stand that particular accent.

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They'll try their best to destroy her, even assassination. This is end game for these sons of bitches, they either win or we kill them.

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She almost souns like controlled opposition when she starts going new age. It won't be hard to label her a kook.

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Or she speaks their language and is winning over their ilk? Frankly who in their right mind cares if she's a lovey dovey hippy trippy type as long as she's smart and has good information. She's earnest in her want to heal people. Empathy is a trait I like in my healer pros. They are invested in your well being.

But you are right, they'll go after her hard. Which will chew her up but it will also have a chilling effect on others like her or the complete opposite and they'll go full activated against them. No matter what, the wheels are coming off their little red wagon on the way down the hill off the cliff.


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You do make a good point.

Controlled opposition in the form of a quirky science could be a strategy of silencing those who'd speak out or shutting down listeners from even hearing the message.

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She says hydroxychlorquine for preventative juflu 200mg twice a week and zinc 50mg a day. Avoid carbs.

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So long winded... I can't watch this. Get to the point bitch.

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Im not totally dismissive of the supernatural or certain (specific) things that may fall into the category currently known as newage (most of which is faggotry) but were gonna need some doctors that keep that shit to themselves to step forward.

Many of the normies i know are in the Butthurt phase of awakening. IE they are experiencing cognitive dissonance and just LOOKING for any tiny little thing i send them that they can scoff and be dismissive of, that would then enable them to throw baby out with the bathwater so to speak. Its pathatic, but these jiglets are so dug in, and have laughed and scoffed for so long, that this is just the reality of dealing with them.

Theyre close to cracking...so close. Neeearly there

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Glad it was saved to Bitchute.

I watched it before YouTube deleted it.

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