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Forced vaccination = civil war


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Forced masks = civil war

GUARANTEED (sarcasm)

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Discovering organized pedophilia and human trafficking in our government = civil war


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This is why you need to load up on ammunition, because you know he doesn't have the balls to make American Military force vaccines on American citizens, so when the UN comes.... and they already said they were on their way....

Do you want to know more?

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He’s just trolling the left. If Trump appears to be for forced vaccinations, it’s the only way to get them to oppose the vaccine.

He’s already said he won’t support mandatory vaccinations, but the left doesn’t know this because they only read headlines, or this is their latest dog whistle.

I’d just prefer he let the left eagerly volunteer got to take it, and then the rest of us can enjoy watching them all die in a painful and grotesque death.

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he is fully pushing for mandatory vaccinations. his jew owners have a vaccine that makes your children sterile (not you, but when you have children they won't be able to have children)

you got tricked by him and feel easy. you will only wake up in the last second and then it's too late.

remember history: they said they won't confiscate gold and assured people they won't come for their gold.

2 years later they did it anyway. they lied

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That’s where you’re wrong. I can’t be tricked since I’ve already decided that I will never take it.

Just like my family members who never turned in their gold.

As far as forcing the vaccine, I’m all for the weak minded taking it.

We need a culling.

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The vaccstein for Cohen-19?

[–] truth2025 ago 

Now why in the world will the military be deployed to deliver vaccines. Think about it. We know why! Intimidation! Get this life saving cancer causing, RNA , fibrogel demonic genocide vaccine OR GET IN THE BUS

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Train for this day and be ready to use lethal force against order followers.

He is serious about it and it will happen.


Some vaccines will have nasty stuff in it, things that make your children infertile, they have their cover story prepared already. 40% of vaccine doses were tainted, but it was "just a mistake". So many will be infertile but don't worry, government will help you. Everyone affected will receive a one time monetary compensation for the damages caused.

By pure chance, no jews reportedly received any of the tainted vaccines.

We are sorry that your offspring will be infertile, but be happy for the compensation. If you still want have kids, you can adopt a nigger or serve a jewish family.

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