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You can't actually be retarded enough to think this is real. We're supposed to be the smart ones.

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We are the smart ones. Despair every day. Imagine what Christ was speaking against 2000 years ago.

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it aint real gov

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Wait. Okay. How do you know this is fake? Please explain for a nog.

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Pay attention to the shadows. They're often the hardest to get right. Especially in manipulated footage, they often fail to correctly adjust the shadows for ambient lighting, making the shadows appear like an unnatural void. Real shadows are tinted by the colors of surrounding objects, due to light reflecting off of them.

In this video, they make an additional rookie mistake: The direction of the shadows is inconsistent. In an outside daytime scene, the primary source of light is the sun, even when it is cloudy. When the cars are on the near side of the separator, light appears to be coming from the left, casting diffuse shadows to the right. But once the car jumps the separator, its shadow is suddenly to the left of it, as if the sun is now to the right.

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how the fuck did this trash get 30+ upvotes

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Because wether its fake or not it still made people laugh.

[–] qx4chenxp ago 

it's Bollywood.

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The ending is fake. You can clearly see he broke his rear driver's side axle when landing that jump. Looks like tire might have been ripped off as well.

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The whole thing is fake. None of the cars are there. They filmed an empty road and superimposed everything else.

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Then why bother showing the SUV's axle breaking?

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It changes from black to green when it takes off at the end

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Lol this was almost believable on the first watch

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LOL ...

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fake. Sub liveleak. Gtfo

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They couldn't edit the car doing a reasonable speed, could they?

Reminds me of the hyperspeed birds on 911.

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