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Trump caught on real quick to his bullshit.

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When you're in business, you're bound to run into a (((type)))

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Music was a great answer to that question.

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I'll never forget when I saw this I only had an impression of Trump as a brash tycoon but when I saw this I thought he was way cooler and more patient with Baron Cohen than the other investors. It made me realize I had misjudged him completely. They were all busy and didn't have the time for this dumb crap but Trump have him a legitimate chance

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Kill all kikes.

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Literally the only person I've seen not fall for it

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That's because they don't air the people who don't fall for it for the most part.

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Ralph Nader too. He had a bit about putting a box over assholes to store energy or something but was clearly taking the piss.

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"Good!" walks away. class act.

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You can't bullshit a bullshitter.

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This shows one of the most important lessons that I had to learn on my own:

Don't spend time with people who value their time more than your time. Always be aware of the opportunity costs of a situation.

And fuck everyone who is wasting your time. It's the most precious thing you have. No matter what your bank account says.

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