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If you want a homeland for white people with mob justice and being forced to pledge allegiance to your political views to keep your job I will gun you down in the street just like any common nigger, and feel better about it. You're capable of behaving differently.


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Western civilization and Western people. Western civilization includes the open expression of ideas... that said, we cannot operate by seizing the moral high ground. Trying to hold the moral high ground gets you killed. Sure we'll have to purge a few groups for the first couple of years, but that's the mechanism, not the goal. Evil must be removed, and pretending that it doesn't need to happen is being willfully ignorant. These people are ideologically demoralized, they're contaminated, there's no fixing them, no convincing them. No matter how perfect your moral stance, you cannot win against them through any means besides the substantial application of violence. Try to seek some education on ideological demoralization and on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to understand what the end game is going to be.

If we lose, we'll be demonized as monsters no matter what we do, why take the moral high ground when your enemy will never respect it? If we win, we're the ones who write history, so what does it matter?

All that said a first and second amendment can be preserved... but democracy doesn't work. Let's say we're trying to do more of a 'nice guy national socialism' thing.


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t.Crypto Jew filth


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Well if jews want a white ethnostate where we execute tyrants, hand over the fuckin' bagel and menorah.