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One minute “he stole a taser”

The next “they shot him for no reason at all. Totally unnecessary. Your careers are over.”

Fucking joggers.

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They don't understand laws or self defence, they cannot process hypotheticals or others perspectives.

This is why they can't wrap there minds around killing someone that hasn't actually killed you yet, or using deadly force against someone not using the exact same deadly force. They think that the only way a shooting is justified is if the criminal is shooting at the cops, I don't even think they would think that pointing a gun at a cop would warrant shooting the criminal because "bruh he wasnt actually gon shoot you". Like if someone comes at a cop with a knife, they think "bruh its just a knife why you gotta use a gun" instead of the cops perspective "this person is trying to kill me". or inflicting harm against someone for property "Bruh he just taking the stuff around yo house why you think you can kill him for dat" instead of, "who knows what a person who criminally broke into my home is planning to do to me and my family"

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Lack of empathy mixed with brainwashing that a whole race of people owe you something. That’s a dangerous combination.

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A momma shouldn't have to worry about her son getting killed while he's robbing someone! He dindu nuttin!

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This thought process of deadly force is never justified is a disease. People that side with criminals should be shoved out of helicopters.

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Right. They can't fathom this guy had at least 2 able bodied cops trying to arrest him because he was passed out in a drive thru. They don't think about how he was punching cops in the head and how he shook off those tasers. We haven't seen the complete video yet. We haven't even gotten full info on it. We know the guy recording it had kids in the car. Hilarious he pointed this out, as he should have took his kids and gfto of there . But we don't know if this guy took a cop's gun or he was reaching for a gun or he pulled out a knife or if he was running towards a lady or a car with kids in it. We just don't know. Yet, everyone has already picked side one way or another and their mind is made up.

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"He dindu nuffins!"

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This time the drunk driving nigger did do something.

THIS OP LINK does not centrally focus on showing the nigger taking the taser, notr the firing at cop first!!!

REAL VIDEO HERE! (better image and audio) :




ALSO LOOK AT BLACK MAN FIRING TASER in rooftop camera view !!!! :


shot for pointer and FIRING taser, You can see the guy fired taser at the cop and that’s what got him killed

[–] areyoumygaffer ago 

that guy (the 2nd recording) was for sure a cucked white. I heard no nig in his voice and he bitched the way only a soyboy can.

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'He dindu nuffin. I mean...nigga, he diddo somefin, but den you killed him fa no reeson.'

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So much of this BLM bullshit stems from black stupidity. They routinely misinterpret and misunderstand things. That's why they get into so many fights, arguments, and shootouts, that's why they drop out of school and interact with cops so often, and that's why those interactions so often escalate into violence. The other part is culture. Such a shitty culture. But the main hurdle is just sheer stupidity.

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They're also much more prone to violence than humans.

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It's the significantly smaller prefrontal cortex. You know, the region of the brain that controls empathy, logic/reasoning, and long term memory retention.

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And they like causing trouble to show they have power. It's the easiest way.

They walk slow and block aisles. They walk in front of cars. They act like clowns.

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Kind of like how a Baboon likes to show his ass to other Baboons

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I notice this a lot in airports, grocery stores, malls -- basically anywhere they congregate in groups. They go out of their way to be loud and obnoxious, just to signal that they don't give a fuck about non-niggers.

[–] AngryInVirginia ago  (edited ago)

I had them do this to me all the time. The will intentionally move into the middle of the street and expect you to slow down. I always kept driving at speed and never made any eye contact with them and they would always move out of the way. These days though, I don't know that would be the case and I haven't heard anybody address the vehicle/pedestrian issue. If somebody is walking in front of my vehicle in an attempt to block me from moving that comes across as very threatening to me. It is one thing if they are crossing the street or playing basketball in front of their house but when they move from the side of the street to the middle of the street when I am approaching it makes me think that they might cause me bodily harm. Right now it seems to be that they can get away with blocking and surrounding a vehicle and even breaking the windows and you still have no legal right to self-defense by driving away.

As far as grocery stores or malls or airports, I always never look at them and just keep moving. They usually get out of the way and if they don't then you simply didn't see them and it was an accident.

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IQ 68 cant comprehend anything..

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I feel stupid at 120. When I'm hungover I'm a 94 and basically forced to socialize with kids with down syndrome. 68 should require sterilization.

[–] minx88 ago 

yes they have an average IQ of 5060 tops 70 which is clinical retardation and you see some blacks holding positions of doctor or even judge if that’s because the Jew got that job did you got them at University and you see that there’s even blacks that have success in music and as judge but they still are criminals one of the Nager‘s just got dragged away they actually had to drag her away they’re not intelligent they are medically retarded they do not get those jobs because they are intelligent there is not oneOver 70 IQ that’s the highest and you can see they get angry because they can’t use computers so they use victimhood this this word racism or any other word because they know they’re retarded and they want to blame everyone else but she can’t they have to admit that they are retarded the fact that they get angry about it proves that they cannot comprehend why we are laughing at them they are inferior but they use in the victimhood thing like a Judas Jew is also stupid you’re not intelligentThey copy and steel and take credit they don’t have their own intelligence scamming people to get money is not intelligence it’s just being deceitful if you are intelligent you have no need to deciet

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The context never matters, at this point they will eek and ook about anything cops do. Except when they are the ones who need help and call the cops.

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The nigs who cried wolf.

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They don't call the cops anymore. They need and thrive under tribalism and they implement it wherever they are.

Some people are not evolved to live under the rule of law.

[–] Empire_of_the_mind ago 

If you give them enough leeway they'll segregate. I'm willing to give them all of Florida provided they surrender ability to return.

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Keep up the good work officers

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Poor guys showed some serious restraint in wrangling with the suspect so long to try to keep him from getting hurt as much as possible, when they were well justified in tasing or shooting him long before they did. I'd buy them a round of drinks.

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THIS OP LINK does not centrally focus on showing the nigger taking the taser, nor the firing at cop first!!!

REAL VIDEO HERE! (better image and audio) :




ALSO LOOK AT BLACK MAN FIRING TASER in rooftop camera view !!!! :


shot for pointer and FIRING taser, You can see the guy fired taser at the cop and that’s what got him killed

[–] BigTrucker ago 

You obviously didn't watch it the whole way through

[–] Shaker123 ago 

Reminds me of a popular song by Queen!😁

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niggers sit there and film it for worldstar views.

real humans would have jumped in to help those cops.

and because niggers can't even act human, another groid got his batwings. blame this one on the sheboon and her coon-corder.

[–] Plavonica 2 points 3 points (+5|-2) ago  (edited ago)

real humans would have jumped in to help those cops.


They are the armed enforcement arm of the government that is continuously fucking us over and slavers over the thought of our genocide. Anything you do, even filming the event, can and probably will see you put into massive trouble. Do not help, do not engage, let them be to shoot or be shot on their own merits.

The police are not your friend.

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Either to help the cops or to help the guy who did nothing wrong (assuming it was a different situation and the suspect really did nothing wrong).


Whoa I only saw the first part with them rolling around on the ground. The other parts (later clips were recorded earlier) make it pretty clear what kind of people are involved. This dude recording has his(?) kid in the car with him, sees cops fighting with a guy who steals a taser, and eventually he gets himself shot, and the guy's reaction through the whole thing is to occasionally creep closer to get better video for da likes. After they run off, someone complains about how they got kids and nobody should be shooting near them. WTF.

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Fuck the pigs.

They kill more white people than niggers.

[–] honk_atcha_boi 3 points 19 points (+22|-3) ago 

Voats resident nigger checking in...

When you watch the whole thing, dude deserved to get shot. AND.. the porch monkeys sitting around filming deserve at least a night in the holding tank.

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Not exactly suicide by cop, but someone was going down that's for sure. Repercussions or accountability aren't important apparently.

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Common problem in our communities/gorilla cages. No one understands consequences.

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That's white privilege.

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Wassup muh cracka.

Why did you decide to take residency here? What's the appeal? Most of us want you and all your retarded cousins separate from our society.

A passion for truth? An eye on the potential enemy? An understanding of the jewish problem?

[–] honk_atcha_boi 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

I get it. I had to grow up around this shit, you know? I fucking hate it.

At first I came here because I wanted to learn from those I thought were my enemy. Then I saw how hilarious a lot of you are and stuck around for jokes and stuff. Then I saw people with similar ideas to mine and started talking. I'm new to the jewish problem but the more people here share, the more a lot of shit I've seen around me makes sense.

I get that you may want most or all of my kind separated, but I don't see it as a white v black v jew problem, I see it as a culture problem. I see it as what happens when idiots, who think they're intelligent, refuse to assimilate to the superior culture.

Really, think about it. When blacks were in mud huts, whites had circumnavigated the globe. I don't want to go back to living in mud. I want to sail the seas. Yeah, some bad shit happened to people in the past, but I refuse to dwell on it, and those who dwell on it reject the superior eurocentric cultures. This is a failure in my mind. When a new idea comes around thats good for you, you adopt it for your own you don't try to dismantle it. Never, in the history of the planet, has there been a better country to live in as a black man than the USA. Same to be said for Jews. But no, neither group can accept that and are currently working hard to make sure they'll never have this opportunity again.

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I’ve been asking people if they know who Duncan lemp is. Nobody does.

[–] Hand_of_Node 3 points -2 points (+1|-3) ago 

Mar 13, 2020 - The Montgomery County Police Department said in a news release Friday that Duncan Socrates Lemp “confronted” police and was shot by one of the officers early Thursday. Rene Sandler, an attorney for Lemp's relatives, said an eyewitness gave a “completely contrary” account of the shooting.

Reserving judgement until the video or more info comes out, but have seen many many people shot by the police who performed actions justifying their being shot. Too many times even white people make the dindu nuffin claim, even though they're on video doing something.

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So you don't know who he is. Otherwise you would know the story given by the cops completely contradicts the other accounts saying he was still asleep when they chucked flashbangs and started shooting through the walls.

This could easily be cleared up by releasing the bodycam footage, but they still haven't done so.

[–] Gigglestick 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

The dude was sleeping and shot through the wall.

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This was apparently screen-recorded from Snapchat or a similar app. When you view a timeline, it plays the clips starting with the most recent, so it progresses backwards chronologically.

I bring this up because this sequence makes this video that much more compelling. You get a nigger chimping out nonstop, making excuses and claims, and then... like a cherry topping a hot fudge sundae, the actual incident is shown, rounding it all off nicely, and once again, we see a coon behaving as coons behave. Is anyone even remotely surprised?

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