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I believe he had every intention of using it if necessary. Refusing to remove your hands from your pockets is a huge red flag and interpreted as a threatening gesture--as it should be.

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You are absolutely correct but ('anything before the "but" means nothing')

What "but"?

He did not have to be so short

He showed more patience than I would have. If i was talking to someone that obviously hated me and they made me feel threatened this would have gone down a lot differently. I'm not even talking about me hypothetically being a cop, I'm talking about me as a person.

And none of them were relevant because the man with the camera was 100% within his right to do everything he did.

You do not have a right to make other people feel threatened. Putting your hands in your pockets is an intimidating gesture. If you don't understand WHY this is, than you don't know enough to even have a valid opinion. I'm sorry.


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I can't downvote yet, but if I could you would get one. You have got to be trolling to equate someone not suspected of a crime and having a hand in their pocket with deserving of summary execution.


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When did I say anyone was deserving of execution?


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You're absolutely wrong. The cop was in his car doing a likely illegal patrol inside a neighborhood (which is not public property) and initiated contact with the person who was on their own property. The cop had no reason to think the guy was a threat, especially since the cop stopped to record him and the guy did nothing. What could have been in his pocket? A knife? A pocket .22? Neither of those are threats to a cop in his car with a good 20m distance between them. The cop then got out of his car and immediately drew on the guy, thus escalating the situation. If he did have a weapon that might have prompted him to use it and he would have had a much better chance of hurting the cop since he was out of the car moving towards him. The cop was therefore very clearly attempting to intimidate the guy, which is why he kept moving towards the guy.

This is why Americans fight for their right to keep and bear arms. The police quite often just go on power trips and murder people because they had a bad day or they hate their life or they're psychopaths. If there wasn't the possibility of their targets being armed, you'd probably see them kill more often. At least now we can try to record them as a deterrent, but when cops don't give a shit about you recording and use it as an excuse to target you, you'd better have a plan B. Personally, I'd rather draw on a cop first and have their supervisor sort it out later, even if it means going to jail, than risk a psychotic cop drawing on me and killing me.


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I agree. The hard part is the asshole friendship they have with corrections...and everything else they have with this court system. If you are lucky to draw kill them. Remind them they bleed like every other human being. Fuck that gang. Blue bullshit.

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Fuck you, I can keep my hands wherever I wish. You people who think every officer's command should be obeyed are frightening.


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You people who think every officer's command should be obeyed are frightening.

The fact you think that's what I think is more frightening.