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Lord help us! I pray for them to win that

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Jew bet you know the ethnicity of the owners of the property.

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(((Bible Study)))

Go back to Israel you fucking Jew worshiper. Heil Odin!

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Odin is gay

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Hey everyone! I found the Jew worshiper.

I get it. You are a Crypto-Jew Christ Cuck. You have been brainwashed your whole entire life into believing it's "cool" to worship a Jew. I get it brother. I'm trying to help you out here.

Worshiping a Jew isn't a proper thing for a white person to be doing, Son. Can't you see that? Maybe you think Odin is gay? OK, there are plenty of other perfectly honorable White-God's to choose from. You have Thor, Freyja, If you like playing with fire, you could even try Loki. All perfectly white choices. All you have to do is NOT worship a Jew-God. Pretty simple.

Or, you can continue to worship a Jew, like a dumb cuck.

The choice seems pretty clear to me. But, I hate the Jews. So, it's pretty obvious I'm not going to worship one.