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this is great! Israel needs more diversity!

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this is only the initial cost of getting more diversity. once you have more diversity, diversity works!

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100%. Open borders for them as well!

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Israel should build Welcomes, not Walls!

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These "refugees" were probably intended for a Western nation which makes it even funnier. I wonder if they are Christians and if that has anything to do with it.

[–] Schreiber ago 

Nah, it's probably the ethiopian jews.

The "law of return" backfires. 25% jew 75% subsaharan isn't much different than 100% subsaharan.

[–] Plant_Boy ago 

They probably were. They maybe managed to get into Israel, met the Jews and gave their honest uncensored opinion of the Jews, a reflection of how they've been treated!

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can i ask is it defo in israel

[–] Plant_Boy ago 


Ethiopians are chimping out in Israel over a shot teen.

Archive.is link to a Vox story about the Violent Protests.

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C'mon Israel, don't be a backseat driver, be a leader of Refugee understanding!

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Kikes have always been progressive leaders. Here is another opportunity for them to show the rest of the world how to be more loving and progressive.

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These protests/chimpouts in Israel need to drag on for as long as possible and get a lot more violent.

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Never thought I'd be rooting like hell for niggers to chimp out.

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Honk honk.

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They are experiencing what it's like to get NIGGERED

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The thing is, unlike here, they actually treat the Ethiopians like dirt. They've sterilized them, tested on them with radiation, and assault them regularly. The irony is, the Judaism they follow, was brought to Ethiopia from Jews, after the fall of the first temple, making them one of, if not the closest thing to modern day Jews. Those light skinned Jews, the ones like Bibi, are just inbred Europeans with Khazarian admixture, who follow the dark arts of Canaanite, and have no connection to Judaism.

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I know, but I think it's funny that Jews in Israel get to experience the nigger enrichment

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I always thought "Judaism", and by that I mean Tanakh and Torah "Judaism", was kind of a bad label. Did the Hebrews actually call it that? Because the term Jew comes from what a member of the tribe of Judah was called. The Jews were the only Israeli tribe who refused to integrate with their host nation(s). Talmudic Judaism, the Judaism of today, was created by the Jews specifically, further back and passed down via oral tradition until the Talmud itself was written in ~200 AD. I just find it odd the Tanakh and Torah, a book of Hebrew legends, would be considered Judaic in nature prior to the Jews themselves claiming they were the "true" Hebrews (which is only half the story, of course). I mean it's certainly possible it didn't have a name much like how Pagan religions didn't and were retroactively given one (Hellenism, Kemetism, etc.) and back then "just was".

[–] AlaskaMountain ago 

Do you have sources regarding sterilization and radiation testing? I never heard of that. Pretty shocking if true. But it also sounds sensationalized.

[–] Schreiber ago  (edited ago)

Why the fuck aren't we sterilizing Ethiopians here?

I don't like how you make it sounds like sterilizing ethiopians is a bad idea.

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Take back what's yours Ethiopians.

Take back your stolen Jewish heritage. :]

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Your comment gives me the warm fuzzies. Reverse Samson option. :^)

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There are tens of millions of true heritage Ethiopians who are in poverty, stranded in their hilly African exile. They deserve the right to finally return home.

[–] Plant_Boy ago 

The real Jews that left Egypt were Black Slaves!

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Are you not culturally enriched? https://files.catbox.moe/syxscm.png

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I like how that title insinuates that only white people should have to deal with this stuff and that's obvious, but it's out of the question for them to deal with it.

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Where are they NOT going bat shit crazy?

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In their Orthodox Churches.

[–] Unreasonable ago 

Tragically being slaughtered though....

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