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Nigger privilege indeed.

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In texas this person would have been shot by every car owner, from a distance. I can imagine the police being called and the shooters just claim to be amateur animal control.

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Same, but Arizona. If I saw that happening I wouldn't even be hesitating to at least draw. Nigger or not, even if it's not my car if I see you doing this shit I'm not gonna stand for it.

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I'm sorry, I don't have a bromance with Texas, I've seen them let too much bullshit slide, chiefly letting so many fucking beaners lose all over their state. I've seen Black Panther niggers come stand around armed and lippy as fuck talking serious nigger shit that should have got the entire lot of them killed. Nope. Cucked.

The Texas of myth and the Texas of reality don't match up at all.

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I lived in Germany for almost 10 years and never saw anything like this. Didn't feel unsafe anywhere no matter what time of day or night. This was the 90s to early 2003. Damn shame what has been done without any kind of resistance from Germany. Muslim assisted suicide.

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Muslim assisted suicide.

The Muslims are just the tools. It was Jew-assisted racial suicide.

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I was in Berlin not even all that long ago like 2010 and nobody even jay-walked. Revisited in 2016 and holy fuuuuuck that happened fast nobody is rioting? The government should have been dragged out and carted away.

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arrives on a raft. One day out of a loincloth and a bone in its nose. Angry it wasn't immediately given a Mercedes, a blonde, and an I phone! Raysis germans!

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You know that worthless sack doesn't have the means to pay restitution for a dozen pieces of auto glass. This situation should lead directly to involuntary servitude until the debt is paid. No way he should be allowed to rot in the county Hilton on my dime.

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He'll be released back into civilization to break more shit and probably kill someone. All part of the plan.

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Sounds anti-semitic.

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A native German without car insurance will get more time than this nigger.

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Merkel loves it! What a cultural enrichment.

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Why does this shit never happen in front of me? Or any real man for that matter? Fucking angering

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