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This is an invasion. She is lying for the invaders to help them. She is a traitor. She needs to hang and hang high. She and ever other traitor involved in this from high to low. We need to wear out rope hanging traitors it seems.

Traitors before invaders on the priority list.

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I'm actually curious if she is a sacrificial lamb for the election. I could see the Democrats seeing her martyr potential and giving Hillary a few million to "suicide" her.

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You guys are crazy, lmao.

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They treat people worse in my local jail. I didn’t get a toothbrush for 5 days no matter how politely I asked.

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Damn, what'd they lock you up for? Smacking a coalburner? Telling a jew to get in an oven?

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I was peeing behind a dumpster at 3 in the morning.

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Lefties lie about anything and everything to support their narratives, next you'll tell me water is wet

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Whoa, whoa, whoa… you're getting a little too extreme a little too fast with these flying accusations that insist relatively difficult to prove things are obvious.

I mean, how do we really know this? Do you have proof that water is wet? Have you considered that if you leave your hand in water long enough it starts looking like dried prunes.

The assessment of lefties is spot on clear though. I don't want to conflate the two.

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"lefties lie about everything"... most "lefties" are confused emotional females who are victims of psyop gaslighting propagandas... they couldn't distinguish the truth from reality if it hit them in the ass... no thAnks AgAin shitsreal you dirty-dirty-gypsy-jews!!!

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water is wet


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...and the US taxpayer is paying for this? WHERE'S THE MOTHER FUCKING WALL, KIKE? They have more snacks than we have at my house (of course we don't eat junk food, but still... some terrible cheeze+pb crackers are good every now and then).

Mash AOC's rhetoric up with Trump's. They're both as outlandish, just on the opposite ends of the spectrum. I'm just not convinced that AOC is entireless useless at what she's trying to do for the Dems yet. Trump on the other hand is entirely useless for everyone, unless there are literally no other candidates and the goal is another do-nothing-but-suck-off-Israel president.

Trump has brought more immigrants into this country than any other recent president. Simply by being loud and drawing attention to "we're closing the border", "i'm building a wall", "i've build a big beautiful wall", "the wall is being built!", he's getting more and more people to run across the border. Catch + Release.

[–] Barbarian ago 

I actually wish they weren't lying. Toilet water should be the only source of hydration for those drug mules. Detention centers in the US should be worse than living in Guatemala.

[–] ScorchedLife ago 

Of course they're lying. These detention centers have operated over multiple different presidencies with growth rates in their populations equivalent to the uptick in illegal immigration. Under Bush about 35k people were detained in them, under Obama about 40k and under Trump about 45k. Talk to honest Democrats and they'll tell you they have no alternative solution either, but they're milking this situation for everything they can get out of it. The thing is it's a clear political loser for them come election time. A plurality wants tighter border security and a reformed immigration system.

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1st...these people are criminals - they know it's against the law to sneak into this country. So what the fuck? Are we supposed to send them to the Hilton?

These DemonRat politicians are trained pathological liars OR MK Ultra victims, brainwashed and propped up by even more Evil freaks!

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