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Do people conflate dirty words with adulthood and maturity?

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Unfortunately, yes.

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You didn't feel the edge? The applause and laughter told me to clap.

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Casual swearing is cool now I guess.

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Fuckin' A.

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I did when I had the mind of an adolescent

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What a fag.

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This is a desperate grasp for attention and legitimacy. The public, especially the youth, are so stupid and inarticulate that they have difficulty expressing themselves without vulgarity. Bill Nye reached his peak in the late 90s and is so desperate that he has to pander to that demographic of youth that literally can't understand why everything he says is absolute bullshit. But if you keep saying "I fucking love science!!!!" it will make you look smart, cool, edubicated, and actually knowledgeable of what science is, as opposed to pop science, which is what Bill Nye is.

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hey what the fuck was that all about faggots

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They talk like fags and they're shits all retarded.

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He's no Fred Rogers.

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Fuck Fred Rogers. Joseph Goebbels should have been doing the choo choo train exiling all the jew puppets. Of course reasonably fed and with all their assets like was appropriately done while sending them out of Germany.

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I was promised California and Florida would be underwater by now and I'll never forgive them for lying to me.

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Yeah, Bill: but we didn't start the fire. It was always burning, since the world's been turning.

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So I've heard

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Oooh, how edgy .....fuck off Bill.

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Why is adolescent behavior defined as "adult behavior???

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