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Pizzagate isn't re-

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He actually did say that on Twitter. He also expressed his hatred for anime saying it is for pedos. The pedo fears the weeb.

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We may end up grabbing some innocents but ive always felt investigating those who behave like this guy did would be a good start to stop pedogate/pizzagate.

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The pedo fears the weeb.

The Jew fears the Samurai.

Funny serendipity there. Jews tend heavily towards pedofilia/degeneracy, and weebism is a thing imported from Japan.

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PizzaGate is real.

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(((Someone))) downvoted you, and you're goddamn right it's real.

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This shot of his desk shows a white rabbit figure in the upper right.


And here he is wearing pedobear shirt.


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Glad to see someone already made an archive link of his flickr pedobear picture.

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As someone who has only very recently begun seeing the world for what it really is, are white rabbits a thing with pedos? My neighbor has one on his dashboard, should I be wqry of him?

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Look up Al Vernacchio

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I've been reading Ars Technica for at least 15 years and watched it become a leftist propaganda site. The comments section is pure cancer. It's nothing but faggy leftist bugmen.

I love when Ars "Journalists" refer to pizzagate as a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory. 😂

Bunch of pedos. I fucking knew it!

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Peter Bright would like to announce the grand opening of Arse Technical's new prison branch. Free Dr. Pizza to the first 1,000 customers.

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Well, they made the list.

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Great news, I hope prison is terrible to him.

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It will be. He’s white, educated and a pussy. Prison will be pure hell for him. He will likely wind up with PTSD.

It’s not all “bubba fucking your asshole” it’s being surrounded by people with a middle school education.

I’m a high school drop out with an associate degree. I’m the first to admit I’m far from smart. But... imagine being forced to live with niggers and meth head bikers?

Niggers are TOTALLY INCAPABLE of watching anything on tv without talking the whole time.... it’s mild annoyances. He can forget about MSNBC or the NYTs most prisons don’t allow that.

And even if he did have access, niggers would be ooking and eeking the whole time, their screeching echoing off the cement walls.

He will be forced to hide his intellect and dumb down everything he says to his fellow white inmates. It’s not just that... it’s mild annoyances. He will be forced to listen to dumb people talk about how they fucked some chick or got into a fight. All day. It’s all inmates talk about.

He will likely be put into a PC (protective custody) block. Filled with other perverts. But that won’t change the things I described. He will be surrounded by idiots.

And he will have to play along with their idiocy or get his ass kicked.

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Let's not assume that he's too bright. And I accomplished quite a lot with my AS, before getting the BS 35 years later. I know a guard in a state prison who told me that prisoners are not vindictive against pedo's like they once were. It's all about gangs. Thankfully I have no first hand knowledge.

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That's a brilliant comment!

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It's funny you put the name in quotation marks, not the word 'journalist'

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It shouldn't be "journalist", it should be (((journalist))). But I guess that's redundant these days.

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That's unfair. Some of them are simply atheist pedos.

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So Ars Technica knew this guy was a pedo and let him keep his job for 20 years?

Ars needs to be investigated by the feds. He's definitely not the only pedo there. Or maybe he's already squealed.

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I would love to see Ars Technica destroyed. I used to read the site, but increasingly had to deal with climate change fairy tails, faggotry at every level, and various other JWO shit while trying to get through a technical article. I finally got fed up; did some research and found out who owned them and that they were located in SFO. That was it; haven't read an article since.

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fucking degenerate worked for ars technica and talked on twitter about "jailbait" stuff

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Holy shit what a shock! Someone who goes by dr pizza is a filthy chomo? I just don't believe it

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