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FFS, at least spell Adolf right. It's Adolfffff, with an F, not a ph. Sigh.

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You wouldn't get comedy like this anymore. You wouldn't be allowed comedy like this anymore...

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They couldn't find a female actress and had to dress a dude in drag? Lost interest really fast between the tranny shit and the long winded directions speech, which was as funny as a boil on the ass. Probably a good concept though.

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Monty Python was a team of guys who were the actors in comedy. Actual funny women are rare. You are right to argue this was a contributor to the Tranny trend but it might be noteworthy to study the comedic style in order to refine the honkler memes. After all a lot of what Monty Python was about was highlighting absurdity, which is why John Cleese was able to see the ridiculous state of London and yet has the freedom to state this.

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That's a solid take.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=mai5yNgRhhQ :

Monty Python: Adolph Hitler lives In a guesthouse in Minehead, Somerset, UK - YouTube

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