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Killing every Jew would be more efficient. Start with the political Jews and all the Nigger, Fag and Islam movements would loose their funding. The Jew is the driving factor behind migration, globalism etc.

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You guys are just jealous of the Jews because they do what our countries should be doing.

Protect our interests, our rights, our liberties.


Rather than fight Israel, we should copy Israel.

We can start by shutting down the magnets that attract illegals in our countries.

We can continue with MASSIVE deportations of criminals and finding a shithole happy to take them.

Assad should be our ally.

The EU can build a Guantanamo in Syria.

He would love to get his hands on those Jihadis. It will be cheaper for us to keep them there.

Once we stop feeding African Children, the Africans will stop multiplying.

If COmmunism is suicide...Open borders suicide is double suicide.

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Without Jews, Muslims wouldn't be in our countries to begin with.

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I totally fuckin agree.

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Predictable muslim apologist comment. We don't have many jews around here, we have a lot of fucking muslims and a lot of self-hating white politicians and journalists.

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I always hate that kids scream... It pains me to hear it for a few reasons.

  1. I feel bad for the kid. I am sure he's in pain and I don't like to see in innocent people in pain, esp kids but..

  2. The kid was hit, most definitely hurt, but not dead or completely incapacitated. His reaction was to curl in a ball and scream and cry. That seems weak to me. I know he's hurt but he doesn't know what they had planned next, but he was going find out. Because he wasn't going to do anything he was just going to sit there screaming for someone else to help, the thought of defending himself (no matter how meager an attempt he may have made) didn't even seem to occur to him. Nor did the idea to try to protect himself further by trying to get up and run away.

Stay strong white man

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Further more, why did he get hit in the first place? Why did he even stop? Why did he assume he can stand besides a drunk afghan and not get insulted, threatened, hit or killed?

And if he was enough of a cuck to think #notallmuslims, then where is his fucking instinct? If you wanted to hit me with a bottle from behind my back, all of my body would be aching 5 minutes ahead of time that something is wrong, and that some bad shit will go down.

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Here's a thing. The ideology of Muslim people forbids drinking alcohol. And if the Afghan refugees are either fundamentally Muslim then that kid is either stone sober or that out of control because of shitty parenting/ideology leadership. Either way, he doesn't know how to act in our civil society so he needs to go back.

That German faggot rolling on the floor whimpering... the Germans have fallen a long way since they were great in the 1900's.

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I agree. I can't understand what they were saying but I'd like to know what short conversation proceded the attack. No matter what was said he was dumb for standing their like a goofball. Never relax..

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No doubt he, and other will get up and say sorry for what happens in Afghanistan,

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You're probably right. He was actually probably just crying for the poor Afghani children that were hurt by his colonial government.

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Bottle smashed, glass may have cut the fuck out of his face, if my face was bleeding and big gaping cuts i would protecting it also

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Yes, because as long as your face is protected the rest of you will be fine? Because all he is doing is protecting his face. The rest of him is just laying their at their mercy. Yeah fine throw your hands over your face that's probably a natural reaction, but once you realize that you are under attack, deadly attack nonetheless, you need to defend yourself or get yourself out of there. It is literally life or death at that moment. That kid obviously couldn't fight, so he needed to run. They didn't do anything further to him but that is only because they showed some restraint. I don't want to put my life in the hands of some shitskin hoping he shows restraint. I know you didn't ask for a huge response..but well ya got one.

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Because he wasn't going to do anything he was just going to sit there screaming for someone else to help, the thought of defending himself (no matter how meager an attempt he may have made) didn't even seem to occur to him.

This is what liberalism and by extension jews have done to whites - instill them with a tremendous sense of guilt, and then teach them that self-defense is wrong, because violence is wrong. They've created two generations of pussies. Hopefully, the next Hitler is getting beaten up and toughens up as we speak - growing stronger as the hatred in his heart for these invaders grows darker than their shitskins.

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Very vibrant

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Was the German blind? One look at the perp reveals it's a non-white, and yet the kid approached and interacted.

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Just... withdraw our troops and send the refugees home.

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Mfw you are complicit in bombing the shit put of a country then you let them into your house and they start wrecking the place :o

Did the IRA not teach anyone anything

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Send him back to afghanistan

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In pieces

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