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Any parent sending their kid to a black school should have their fucking head examined.

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The state is making it harder and harder for white children to be segregated from blacks and non-white hispanics. Hell I'm in a pretty red state and it is near impossible to get away from these hordes of shitskins. There is even a private school that just opened up recently that is hard to get into. The first five grades are all taught in Spanish instead of English. And the parents are THRILLED if their kids get to attend just so they don't have to deal with niggers.

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Canada here. Every public school in the city is half shit skin, maybe more.

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I went to school in South Africa. There were was over a thousand kids and only 1 black kid.

Good luck finding those numbers in the UK.

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You're correct but there isn't just home schooling there are also charter schools, private schools and neighboring school districts you can send your kids too. I don't care if I have to work 2 jobs just to move out of an area, no way in Hell I'd let any of my kids attend one of those schools.

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Goddamn right.

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Won't be long till there are no white places left to go to. When will Americans start to fight?

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Won't be long before most the teachers quit, every year more and more just outright quit and find a new profession, especially the younger ones when they realize just a few years in what a huge mistake they made. How long before most the old ones are retired and all that's left is college grads with little experience. They'll have to lower the standards and eventually the teacher becomes nothing more than a day care worker who's job is to repeat instructions from a manual to a bunch of drones with no guidance or hope.

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Executed, NPCism should be punishable by death.

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The parents sent her back? The little sister will be going there next year? WTF is wrong with these fucking morons???

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I've been seeing a pattern in this type of parenting, and my best assumption is that the father is probably a pussy that lets his wife make all the decisions.

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He parents hate her. They wish she was dead.

They should be charged d with attempted murder

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This reminds me of that niglet and her nigger mother in NYC. White kid gets harassed at school and brings pepper spray to 'protect herself'. Problem is the niglet harassing her brings a knife to school to 'protect herself' and when the white kid maced the nigglet for punching her, the nigglet 'protected her-own-self' and stabbed/killed the white kid.

There's no reasoning with niggers and oregon is the first law to fix this. Stop calling the police on problems with blacks. The blacks don't respect laws and while you might think of jail as a punishment, niggers call it a family reunion. If they don't get away in the hours it takes a cop to show up you're just costing us all more by letting the courts process them and make handling more important things a years worth of court.

Fuck a nigger up if they can't mind their own business. Stop calling for adults to do it for you.

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some people just have to sacrifice their freedom and kill these niggers, we need to bring back lynching

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do it in a big enough group and noone goes to prison.

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agreed about the first part. lynching is no good. I'm much more in favor of african laws where they just chop off your hand if you use them unwisely. group beatings usually end in death.

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Dehumanization of White people in media and implicit or explicit calls for violence against them are leading to these tragedies.

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Yup. They are inciting this and so are the politicians. This type of shit will continue to get worse and worse and it will eventually be completely legal for blacks or browns to flat out murder whites in the near future because shit isn't changing.

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Already legal for blacks to steal in some places.

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Whites not being allowed to fight back is what's causing this...

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Not being able to even speak in public for your own defense or increasingly a right to exist certainly leaves people open to problems and unable to sort them out as they might have done otherwise.

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I blame the parents. Why on earth would they knowingly put their children in danger? Don't they know the school is more interested in virtue signaling than keeping children safe?

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But it was a really nice house in our price range...now my kids are abused by niggers. On the plus side I am 5 minutes from the department stores.

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What is stopping you?

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but to be honest, if every white man chimped out in Unison it wouldn't be account as act of terror

it would account as Justice, because the Police can arrest lonewolfs

but organized groups? good luck with that.

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