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I had someone aka a apple cult memeber make fun of my android phone. Im sending him this.

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That's hilarious. My sister thought apple was the best thing in the world until she eventually woke up to their "just upgrade to a new (insert apple product)" instead of repairing it or getting more memory. It was funny to give her the about time speech when she got her android that she loves so much. She wasted so much money on their junk. Her MAC was the worst, my guy could've built her 3 or 4 top notch gaming PC'S for the money she unnecessarily threw into that thing.

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This is great. I want to watch this show.

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The original is him talking about how he managed to lose a restaurant's cooking equipment at peak tourist season. It's been memed and resubtitled as all kinds of things.


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lmao he wasn't exaggerating about the 29% interest financing option. Zero percent, but if you pay late once you're coughing up $290.

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This is a classic.

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They really meant to sell it for $666 but it in their satanic reverse world $999 also works.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=58VJ6v54KU4 :

Apple Engineers Explain $999 Mac Pro Stand - YouTube

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To the Dumb fuckers that would pay 1k for Mc Pro Stand, wanna buy some "horse shit" it has the logo on it naught but ergonomic window lickers! But its been designed by a diverse one handed mung bean smoking gibbon, so it must be good!

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