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The gay spic didn't get people banned, that was pretext by jews to ban.

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gay spic is a jew. He REEEEEEEEEEEEE'd to his zionist overlords.

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The plan is usually in place waiting for the excuse when it comes to policies and laws they push.

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It's better than anyone thought. all those conservatives are being forced not to use youtube. Only lefty liberal trash. Small businesses post you tube videos for all kinds of information, and if they only want liberal customers, they'll only have liberal customers. Good by to them.The people that have a brain in their heads will finally go find out where else they should post and post stuff

All those narcissistic virtue signaling leftists will have it driven into their awareness that most people don't see or hear or know that they are there.

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People who ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN THEIR RACE and aren't in it for an easy milquetoast ride or money won't change their minds because of the purge. Some of those people have already been changing accounts almost as often as these e-celebs were changing their socks because of the bans and take downs already happening. The hardened believers don't give a damn about YT shekels either so no amount of financial carrots or sticks make them kneel. I've had to track down and refollow plenty people who get censored, sometimes multiple times in a year. It has been going on for a long time. The truth is still the truth even if it is censored and you can't make money from it. The mainstream media types will never understand this truly in their hearts.

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These dudes need to get together and get the fuck off Jewtube and quit whining and whinging. How much more evidence do you need to realize that you are not welcome. Your thoughts are not welcome. Take your subscribers and views to another platform, or take them to the streets. Days of comfort are over. The days of discomfort for future comfort are here.

Let's all get really uncomfortable.