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The thing about Thomas Aquinas, Saint Augustine, Irenaius, Tertullian, Origen, Clement, and other early Christian writers is that they were highly intelligent men, and they spent their entire lives thinking about questions of theology. That's literally all they did from sunup to sundown -- ponder spiritual questions and try to understand them. It's arrogant in the extreme for some little cunt in modern times who calls himself an atheist to dismiss the writings of these men and others like them with the flip of his faggy little wrist. It shows a complete lack of comprehension of the depths of his own ignorance. Yet that's what we see, again and again, whenever topics of spirituality are raised on the Internet.

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thinking about questions of theology

Arguably, Aquinas is notable for reviving Aristotle.

Spinoza revived Euclid.

Hegel revived Plato.

It's a cycle of atomism, geometry, and monism; in other words, an incomensurable Trinity. And between the three, meditating all philosophies, is Grace and Forgiveness, which give us time to meditate and pray rather than fight another war.

In the ancient Greek, and Atheist was one who denied the substrate or ether, the Platonic totality of mind which permeates all potential according to defined habits of Nature. Aristotle preferred not to attribute a thing to the ether, which is the unseen first cause, but to work backwards from what is seen until we can no longer answer conclusively. Aquinas circles the square, works backwards from the conclusion that God exists, presents logic and evidence, and concludes that God's reason was to perfect us through Grace, an allowance for us to learn and make mistakes so that we might become like God through understanding and not domination and fear alone.

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i intend to overstand things... that's why i know the SUN is the true Master of the Universe... be calm and praise the Honorable SUN!!!